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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of actions that help potential customers quickly find your site in the search engines like Google, Bing(and others). The goal of SEO is to build trust in your website. In the long term, search engine optimization produces loyal customers.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main tool for getting targeted visitors from Google search engines with the greatest efficiency.

For SEO-promotion of the site, we use only white manual methods, which allows us to guarantee the result and not be afraid of the protective sanctions of search engines in the form of filters. Our work is based on in-depth analysis of each site to determine the most effective keywords, which in turn provides the customer with target customers.

Principles and benefits of SEO optimization and promotion

SEO-promotion is a set of measures aimed at increasing the position of a website in search results for targeted user requests. The goal of SEO promotion is to attract target audience and convert them into customers. The principle of SEO promotion includes:

Analysis of the activities of the client, competing companies, connecting the site to the Google Analytics system.
Web analytics, formation of a promotion strategy, development of a semantic core;
Creation (if necessary) and optimization of content, website structure, analysis of internal linking and navigation efficiency;
Placing links on thematic sites;
Working with snippets and micro-markup.
Internal and external optimization takes 50% of the work in SEO-promotion of sites. Internal optimization includes:

Removing technical flaws and site errors, increasing page loading speed;
Image processing, optimization of internal links and URLs;
Creation of interesting content, writing well-structured SEO articles with high uniqueness; writing title, description.
External SEO site optimization involves registering a resource in search engines and directories, exchanging links with popular resources, updating information and materials on the website.

Analysis and strategy

We study the specifics of the business and the main competitors, conduct a thorough analysis of the site and identify errors.

Technical audit

We study the site from the technical side for errors in the source code in order to effectively customize it for search engine algorithms.

Compilation of the semantic core

We select keywords of various frequencies by which potential buyers will find your site. We group the target audience, defining its motives and behavior in order to correctly adjust the content for target requests.




Website audit with a recommendation of changes for local SEO

GMB audit

Local PR audit.

Creating local SEO strategy

Compilation of the semantic core

On-page optimization

Technical SEO optimization

Technical SEO optimization

Local Business Listings

Working on reviews generating




Website audit with a recommendation of changes for global SEO

Compilation of the semantic core

Creating global SEO strategy

On-page optimization

Technical SEO optimization

PR Backlink

Building Social signals

What do you get

As a result of our work on SEO optimization and website promotion, the client receives: An effective promotion channel for a reasonable fee; A site that meets the new requirements of search engines; Large coverage of the target audience; No risks associated with "gray" and "black" type of SEO promotion; Improving the ranking of the site in the search engine results Google; Increasing organic traffic without linking to CPC; Increasing the target action (calling, applying or filling out an online feedback form), increasing loyalty, developing a brand and increasing the company's profitability.

Local SEO will help you generate specific traffic from a city/state where your LOCAL business has a physical address. Usually, it's suitable for barbershops, plumbers, pest control etc. You want to have leads from the surrounding area because you can serve them easily.

If your product or service can be served/delivered on a global scale - Global SEO is for you. We will aim to rank for a most profitable with a highest volume keywords related to your business that can generate profit for you.

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